Thursday, July 02, 2009

Grace & Grandma

Grace and Grandma AliceGrace and her Grandma Alice are one of many who came in to bring their Summer Reading Program log for the second time in two weeks to collect her prize for reading six more books! She brought her painting page prize from last week, so that we could display her beautiful artwork she worked on.

Grandma Alice says Grace is so excited about reading, she just says “more, more reading.” Grace has been coming to the programs at the library since she was one-year-old, and always has fun picking out books, movies, and playing on the computer when she visits.

The libraries are busy with the theatre games program, PreSchool Story Time, making musical instruments, and even more crafts and events. These are part of the happenings at your Santa Fe Public Library for our Summer Reading Program. If your child up to the age of twelve hasn’t signed up yet for the program bring them in soon!

by TT @ SS

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kaaren said...

Enjoyed reading about Grace and Grandma Alice at the library. Happy to see Grace likes to read also. I know her Grandma Alice likes to read as she was my school librarian many years ago and always picked great books for my students to read. They always liked library day with her.

Chester, NJ