Thursday, May 07, 2009

Wellness for All

Mayo Clinic Family Health Book Between the wacky weather, pollen, flus, and, let's face it, a little too much stress, taking time for your health can sometimes feel like the proverbial straw. Fortunately, all libraries have a great collection of books on health that you can check out or research quickly. We have books and media on subjects such as general health, diet, exercise, and nutrition, mental health, holistic medicine, and relaxation. We have also gone through many health websites, and selected useful and reliable sources for you on our Internet Starting Points.

Vet ConfidentialNow that the sun and warm temperatures are finally here, both people and pets are anxious to be out-of-doors. We also have lots of resources on pet health, and this veterinary website can help you with all your pet's needs.

For the absolute most up-to-date information, don't forget to check our databases for consumer health, medical journals, and pet health information. Confused or overwhelmed by all the information out there? Be sure to check with a reference librarian to help you sift through and select the information that's right for you.

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