Monday, May 11, 2009

Earth, Air, Water, Fire

Thanks to the City of Santa Fe, New Mexico State, and other agencies, there are many useful resources out there concerning the city's and state's "four elements". For more information, be sure to check our New Mexico & Southwest links.

Earth: The GIS Mapping System
If you've never used GIS before, the city has redesigned their system to make searching easy for beginners. It's still sophisticated enough for expert researchers, too. A tutorial is included on the home page, and you can call 955-6490 or email if you have further questions.

Air: Santa Fe is relatively high on the air quality index, but our pollen count is currently medium to medium-high. Although if you suffer from allergies, it probably feels high every day. The New Mexico Environment Department has an Air Quality Bureau with additional information.

Water: Annual Water Update Report
This 23-page PDF document is a succinct snapshot of water use in Santa Fe. The annual update compiles and summarizes information about the City’s water including supply, production, deliveries, conservation, potable and wastewater resources, and customer use. The report is current through 2008 with previous years added for comparison.

Fire: None of us are looking forward to fire season, planned or not, but there are a couple of resources to help you prepare. New Mexico Fire Information has up-to-date fire restrictions and other useful information, such as prevention tips for home and wilderness. The Large Fire Location Map is updated daily with the locations and statuses of planned and unplanned fires.

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