Monday, April 27, 2009

L. has an epiphany!

Woman on the Edge of TimeSome friends and I are going to see Marge Piercy at Lannan's Readings & Conversations series at the Lensic in May. One friend, who I'll call "L.", wanted some reading recommendations beforehand. I e-mailed her some links to our catalog for titles such as Woman on the Edge of Time and The Moon is Always Female.
The Moon is Always Female

L. replied, "I didn't know I could reserve books and dvds online. I thought I had to go to the library to do that! Zoinks! I feel like a whole portal has opened up to another dimension...Wow. Thanks!"
If you, like L., are in need of an epiphany, check out the Help pages on our catalog. You can find information about all kinds of library goodies like online holds, renewals, and preferred searches. You can also click on the right-hand links to see New Books and New DVDs and Audiobooks. Enjoy the portal to another dimension!


Ally said...

Did she really use the word "Zoinks"?

am@main said...

Yes, she really did. I quoted her e-mail exactly!