Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Hard Times

Even if you don't pay attention to the news, it's difficult to escape the fact that we're going through some hard times. The job ads have gotten leaner, there are more empty store fronts, and if you haven't been personally impacted by the recession, you know someone who has. Last week, the New York Times had a story about Hoovervilles, but not in a historical sense.

Slate has posted a series of ten compelling photographs that illustrate the financial crisis. They also have a feature about the architectural gems of Detroit, now either vacant or given over to mundane uses. To put some names with these images, a freelance photographer is traveling around the country, getting stories of people affected by the economic downturn and posting them to the Faces of the Recession blog.

For some practical information closer to home, the New Mexico Human Services Department has a site listing its offices for each county. Under the Santa Fe County listing, click on "Santa Fe Government and Community Resources" for a two-page PDF listing agencies and contact information for all types of assistance. If you need help with your PNM bill, this page will take you through the steps to figure out if you qualify. The U.S. Government also provides help for the unemployed on its official blog, Gov Gab.

Don't forget, the Santa Fe Public Library offers free computers with internet access, Microsoft Word, and printing at ten cents a page. We have books galore on job hunting and personal finance, and a wide selection of fiction and movies for when you need some entertainment. Every branch has wireless access and helpful reference librarians who are skilled at helping you navigate whatever situation life may throw your way.

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