Thursday, August 07, 2008

Tin Work

We've gotten a request for more information about the tin work at left.

The tin work shown is part of a panel on the southside of the Southside Library by Jimmy Romero of Santa Fe. We informally call it our “great concha belt in the sky” as it glistens in the sun and can be seen all the way to I-25 from Jaguar Road.

This piece, as well as other public art at the Southside Library and around Santa Fe, was funded by the City of Santa Fe's Art in Public Places program.

The tin work is featured on our library cards and brochures. From the Public Art at Southside Library brochure:

"Born into a family of New Mexico tinsmiths,
Romero utilized a time-honored motif as his inspiration
for creating these unique exterior steel pieces.
The scale, 3 1/2' x 5 1/2', is unusual for Spanish Colonial tinwork."

Also, it's a favorite graphic on Icarus, having been featured here, here and here, and probably in some other posts as well!

Please let us know if we're repeating ourselves.
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Anonymous said...

Is the tin work wall panel visible from space, like the Great Wall of China?

Anonymous said...

It's most likely visible from space via satellite, but not to the unaided human eye.

Does anyone want to try this out?