Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Library Interns

Joe and Justin have a library laugh! If Justin and I were told that we would be working at the Southside library and would like it, we would have to laugh in your face and be like ….. “HA yeah right.” Although it’s quite the opposite.
Who else do you know that gets to go to work and handle exotic animals AND take a photography workshop and get paid?! Well besides exotic animal handling photographers…but we digress. Of course we do shelve and attend to patrons and many other librarian duties, such as shelving, checking in and out books, and not to forget setting up for great programs like Andy Mason, who let us interns play his guitar and sing about Cheesy, cheesy, cheese burritos (which we still sing during clean ups and writing blogs).
When we are done with that we help out the coolest people, who we learn some interesting stuff from. Some things are great to know, while others would only be needed on Jeopardy. Although somewhere in between Sparky putting a 25 pound boa constrictor around our necks, to shelving books on business, we had a great experience that we will never forget, and that you will find is in the non-fiction. (horrible pun very intended)

Justin and Joe…the coolest interns …EVER! (period)

by J & J, photo by TT @ SS

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Anonymous said...

That was the coolest blog EVER!!!! it makes me want to go to a library and read A BOOK!!!! also apply to be an intern myself next summer, thank you Joe and Justin, Alot!