Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Do you tweet?

It seems as if the whole world is a-twitter! And I don't just mean with this lovely summer weather. Twitter is a micro-blogging program, where people use e-mail and texting to update the world about what's going on. The challenge is that the information needs to be 120 characters or less!

Now, if you're like us, and can't stop every few minutes to text the world about everything we're trying to do, don't despair. We've hooked up our blog with Twitter, so you can have our blog links delivered directly to your e-mail or cell phone. While this will keep you up-to-date on library events, book reviews, community news, and pithy observation, we can't promise that we'll be able to update you on the gelato flavors across the street.

To sign up, click on the link to the right that says FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER.

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