Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vocabulary Test and Free Rice

FreeRice Logo Think you know the meanings of words? I mean, really recognize word definitions? The premise of this website, , is simple. You identify the correct word definition and you earn 20 grains of rice. Yes, 20 grains of rice to fight world hunger through the United Nations World Food Program to end hunger.

It is that simple. And addictive. Since October 7, 2007, FreeRice has given out 38,795,640,570 grains of rice. In its first five months, FreeRice fed one million people their minimum daily rice quotient. Rice went to Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal and most recently Myanmar to feed people after the disaster. All of the rice is purchased by sponsors.

The math is simple, 48 grains of rice equals one gram. 400 grams can feed a person for a day to stave off hunger. That is 19,200 grains of rice.

In telling friends about the site, they were irritated that people would play a silly game to earn rice and not just write a check. They did get it though, when I explained how clever it was that schools use the site to make students aware of what hunger is, and what it takes to stay alive, all the while using their computers. And building their vocabularies. Hopefully here is a whole new generation of caring kids being taught about giving in a fun way.

“ is one of the most ingenious websites of 2007. In the best spirit of the Internet, it offers education, entertainment and a way to change the world ― all for free.”
- Los Angeles Times

My first foray at the site earned 3,000 grains of rice, not enough for one person, but with literally thousands of people playing the word definitions site, it adds up quickly. Of course one can build their vocabulary and improve themselves, but better, you are feeding someone.

Here is a sample:
diabolical means:
stale flat prickly devilish
Correct answer: devilish

But that was an easy one. Go to to play, but don’t forget I warned you it can be addictive.

By PCH at Main

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