Friday, July 11, 2008

Riding the City Bus

SF Trails Bus The opportunity to sit and read a book while someone else negotiates traffic. The delight in gazing out the window and getting sneak peaks into someone else’s garden. The freedom to chat with a coworker about children and travel and the next big house remodeling project. These are just some of the benefits I get by riding the bus to work. It’s funny, I don’t even think about work when I’m on the way there.

Using public transportation in Santa Fe is new for me; for my first year at the new branch I drove the 13 miles everyday. Now I only drive when I have to attend a meeting or have an appointment elsewhere. Learning to ride the bus is just like learning anything else – a little trial and error, a little practice, and then it’s easy. I know how long it takes me to walk from my home (where there is no bus service) to the nearest bus stop (25 minutes), so I add an on an extra 5 minutes and walk the back roads and enjoy the beauty of the city and get some exercise (oh, another added benefit). I know when I should be at the bus stop waiting after work. I have my usual place where I sit. I always have a library book in my backpack.

If you haven’t taken public transportation, I urge you to give it a try. It’s very relaxing. Especially with a library book.

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