Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Economist Pocket Guide

Librarians are addicted to facts and information. I can voice that, I am one. I once had a library friend who would read the Almanac on break and when tired of that, would look up obscure definitions to words in the dictionary.
For fun.

I should subscribe to The Economist if only to receive their annual pocket “World in Figures.” One would fare well on Jeopardy if one had this guide—and read and memorized the facts.
This pocket guide gives you invaluable information in categories such as: world rankings in population by age, teenage births, city living (fastest growing cities), country profiles, commodities, countries most economically dependent on agriculture, biggest tourist spenders, health, wealth and disease. And award winners and book sales and beer drinkers. The information is endless!

Here are some facts I gleaned:
Longest Life expectancy (men and women)?
Move to Andorra: 83.5. Avoid Swaziland and Botswana and Lesoto…

Think traffic is bad, think again.
The most crowded road networks are in Hong Kong—286.7 vehicles per km of roads.
The US is 40th.

The US has the highest book sales at 32.264 million.

China produces the most zinc, aluminium, tin and lead.
The US consumes the most coffee and India tops all countries in sugar.

Of course I could find it all on line or in other almanacs, but this little pocket guide is so well organized and their headings are so tempting. Hmmm, now where are the largest deserts? Oh, and the largest lakes? I’m sure Lake Superior is in the top three…

Written by PCH at Main

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