Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What People Want to Read, II

These are books people asked for at the Main Library reference desk, in part of a recent afternoon:
Ahab's wife, or, The star-gazer : a novel / by Sena Jeter Naslund
The red tent / Anita Diamant
Making the mummies dance : inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art / Thomas Hoving
The botany of desire : a plant's-eye view of the world / Michael Pollan
Raising Cain : protecting the emotional life of boys / Dan Kindlon and Michael Thompson
Reviving Ophelia : saving the selves of adolescent girls / Mary Pipher
three Walter Mosley titles, none of them the current one
The valley below / Alice Lee Marriott
Life Planning In New Mexico / Merri Rudd.
two Fred Alan Wolf titles
Chocolate : a bittersweet saga of dark and light / Mort Rosenblum
a David Frawley title, Yoga and the Sacred Fire, that we don't own though we have others of his books; we put in an interlibrary loan request for it
cover of bookcover of bookcover of bookcover of bookcover of book

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