Friday, January 20, 2006

Addicts of the New

Many library users (and librarians) haunt the New Books shelves, and pay close attention to the audio books and DVDs which have just arrived. To make this easier, all the What's New lists have been updated. These represent mostly recently purchased materials; but also include donations, replacement copies which are not new to the system, and titles which have JUST been ordered. A number of really current books on CD have just turned up in the database. Examples in the cover images below. If you search the catalog by call number for CD, then tell it to sort with Newest First, it will have to think about it for quite a while, but then will show the most recent dates on top.

You can always place hold requests on the materials which have not arrived yet (and on the ones other people are already standing in line for...)

cover of bookcover of bookcover of bookcover of bookcover of book

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