Monday, January 30, 2006

Multi-Searches and Map Mashups

One of our readers confesses to spending heaps of time exploring mapping mashup sites and multi-search-engine sites. As he travels fairly often and uses public internet access in libraries all over the country, one of the mashup tools he recommended is Libraries411: Public Library Directory, Locator and Maps.

(It doesn't show great accuracy about us, actually; the little marker for the Bookstop is placed out in the middle of nowhere off West Alameda Street, and the web address is wrong. We'll write to them...)

For multisearch tools try Mr. Sapo; or Turboscout; or the very simple Twingine, which shows you Google and Yahoo results side by side. This might be a good place to mention again the Best Search Tools Chart at Infopeople. They keep it up to date.

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