Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Media Lists Etc.

The lists of media materials have been updated over the past few days. These lists show everything, old and new, and are always available from the catalog top page. Here you can browse for thousands of DVDs ; Videos ; Books on CD ; Books on Cassette ; and Music on CD.
        For a look at what has been recently added to the database, try the Recently Added CDs, DVDs and Videos in the What's New lists. That one gets updated more often. Being the newest, the titles include both donations and items just ordered. Even if it's something that hasn't arrived yet, you can place a hold on it.
       The absolutely most recently ordered include sound recordings of Jennifer Weiner's Goodnight Nobody, Bob Woodward's The secret man: the story of Watergate's Deep Throat, Jan Karon's Light from Heaven, and other 2005 titles.
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