Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Time Travel the Easy Way...

Ok, so it’s not quite as awesome as an actual time machine, but this month at Southside we’re aiming to help you time travel the low tech way; with a tool I am officially referring to as “Ye Olde Exhibition of Noteworthy and Interesting Works of Historical Fiction”. In other words, we have a new display out for the month, featuring fabulous works of Historical Fiction that are guaranteed to transport you to the past! Come check it out!
What delights await you on this low tech journey? Glad you asked.  Here is a small sample: 
  • For those who love scandal and drama, you’ll find a plethora of fiction written in recent years about one of history’s most infamous lineages, the Tudors. From Hilary Mantel to Philippa Gregory, heads will definitely roll. Or perhaps you like your scandal with an Italian flair? If so, we recommend checking out historical fiction’s new favorite family, the Borgias.
  • If you like the classics, another big trend right now in historical fiction is updates, mash-ups, and sequels to classic works of literature. Lovers of Jane Austen: I’m talking to you.
  • Or perhaps, you (like me) are counting down the days until the return of Downton Abbey (59, sigh…) on January 5th? To make your wait a little less agonizing, we’ve got a tantalizing selection of similar, historical upstairs/downstairs novels, plus some fascinating non-fiction looks into the real world and times of World War 1 era England.
And of course, much more!  It’s a veritable buffet of historical fiction! So, come check out the display, or ask your librarian for some recommendations, and get ready to do the time warp (again)!


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