Friday, November 08, 2013


Having a baby and want to find the meaning of names?  The Library has many books to help you

  • 60,001 Best Baby Names
  • Complete Book of Baby Names
  • World’s Coolest Baby Names
  • Complete Book of Hebrew Baby Names
Having just had the opportunity to meet many of my great nieces and nephews recently and enjoy their names which are often creative and not “family” names. Most recent are:

Maddison, Zoe, Isabella, Logan, Lorelie, Owen, Edison and Hayden.  Friends have chosen Ezra, Eziekiel, Arlo, Xavier and Isaiah.

In doing family genealogy, I found names that are “family” names but rarely used today, such as: Thankful, Mercy, Thaddeus, Mehitabel, Festus and Waity.

Our son still thanks me for not naming him Keegan. Hey, it is a distinguished publisher’s name and I am a librarian…but now I agree with him, naming him Jonathan has done him well.


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