Thursday, November 07, 2013

Holiday Food

It’s that time of year – the eating season.  It seems to start with Halloween and end around Valentine’s Day.  Perfect.  Start with chocolate and end with chocolate with lots of baked goods in between.  Yes, there is a lot of material out there that can help you stay healthy through the holidays.  And that’s good.  But what about the occasional indulgence (did I mention chocolate?) and those holiday parties you want to give? 

You’ve come to the right place.  The Santa Fe Public Library has a large and varied collection of cookbooks, entertaining guides, and craft books to help you through the holidays.  Cookbooks are found in the Dewey Decimal section under 641.5.  They range from general cookbooks to quick meals to gluten free to foods from different parts of the world to sauces to desserts.  You get the idea, lots and lots of books.  If you are looking for ideas, a quick browse of the section will give you plenty of them.  If you have a specific idea, a friendly reference librarian can assist you with finding just the right book. 

Holiday entertaining books, such as The World of Jewish Entertaining, may be found in the 641.5 section, but some entertaining books are found elsewhere in the collection, depending on the emphasis (e.g., 395.2 for weddings).  Once again, a friendly reference librarian can guide you.  Don’t forget the crafts.  Most of the craft books can be found in the 745.5 section.  Books such as Christmas celebration: Santa Fe traditions: foods & crafts can jump-start your holiday party planning and All new crafts for Thanksgiving can get the kids involved.

So be healthy, but enjoy your holidays.  And don’t forget the chocolate.

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