Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Mayor Coss and City Officials Receive Members of Chinese Delegation October 2nd

Mayor Coss, City of Santa Fe officials, and affiliates of the American Planning Association will receive members from the Shandong Province of China tomorrow, October 2, 2013 at the Santa Fe Convention Center at 10 a.m. Mayor Coss will address them, they will exchange gifts, and Mayor Pro tem Rebecca Wurzburger will speak to the delegation about cultural tourism and economic development. The Chinese delegation will also hear a presentation on the history of architecture in the City of Santa Fe and have the opportunity to ask questions.

The Chinese delegation hope to learn from the American experience and eventually set up a new development model to repair their cities with special focus on how to better integrate the environment, cultural preservation, and tourism economy. Another delegation from the Yunnan Province of China will visit the City of Santa Fe on October 30, 2013.

Members of the Shandong Province of China include:

Song Wenxu
Deputy Director-General, Shandong Provincial Department of Finance
Sun Bin
County Magistrate of Shanghe 
Zheng Deyan
Mayor, Jimo City
Ren Shusheng
Chief Executive, Boshan District, Zibo City
Yu Liang
Chief Executive, Shizhong District, Zaozhuang City
Cui Jianhua
County Magistrate of Kenli 
Jiang Shili
Mayor, Haiyang City
Yang Jianhua
Mayor, Gaomi City
Zhang Hui
Vice Mayor, Jining City
Liu Qinhai
Mayor, Xintai City
Du Jiangtao
County Magistrate of Wulian 
Zhang Dianhu
Chief Executive, Lanshan District, Linyi City
Zhai Changsheng
Vice Mayor, Dezhou City
Li Xinge
Mayor, Linqing City
Jiao Benqiang
Chief Executive, Bincheng District, Binzhou City
Zhang Qianshan

County Magistrate of Juancheng
Wei Jianqiang
Deputy Director-General, Shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission
Sun Hongjian
Director, Training Department of Shandong Executive Leadership Academy

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