Tuesday, October 01, 2013

City Offices Move

City of Santa Fe agencies formerly housed at the Federal Building are relocating to 500 Market Street located in the Railyard area of the city. This new location will make things easier for many residents who do business with the city on a daily basis.

The Departments and Divisions making this move are: Public Works Department, Community Services Department, Housing & Community Development Department, Parking Division, Traffic Engineering, Roadways & Trails Engineering, Economic Development, Long Range Planning Division, and Affordable Housing.

It's taken a great deal of coordination to move approximately 54 employees, their desks and furniture, computers, phone lines, and personal items with minimal interruptions. Much of the responsibility for this move has fallen on the shoulders of Chip Lilienthal, Public Works Project Administrator, who has orchestrated this massive project. There are boxes and heavy furniture to be moved and people traipsing in and out packing files and getting them ready to be taken to the new Marketplace Station location. Staff is working hard to ensure that there are minimal interruptions to residents while this move takes place.

The move will take place in two waves with Economic Development and Roadways & Trails relocating by the end of this week. The remaining Divisions should be relocated by Friday October 4th. The Market Station location should be open for business at 8:00 am Monday, October 7, 2013.

Traffic Engineering
(505) 955-6631
Roadways & Trails
(505) 955-6654
Community Services
(505) 955-6568
Public Works
(505) 955-6621
Housing & Community Development
(505) 955-6421
Parking Division
(505) 955-6858
Economic Development
(505) 955-6334
Long Range Planning
(505) 955-6625

Affordable Housing
   (505) 955-6421

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