Thursday, September 15, 2011

Batten down the hatches

Internet PrivacySince I've subscribed to the Swiss Army Librarian blog, I'm tempted to share his posts several times a week. But since you also have the option of subscribing to this blog, I'm trying to only pass on information that is absolutely essential.

Internet PrivacyA post that's come through in the past few weeks is about IT security in libraries. That translates to things like choosing hack-proof passwords, making sure your email and Facebook accounts don't get hijacked, and how to test if you're scam-savvy. It isn't just security in libraries, but good privacy tips for all online users. While not all of the resources will be applicable to your internet and computer use, there is just too much here for a handy cheat-sheet or summary. So click on the links above, bookmark them, and go through them bit by bit to make your internet experience safer.

Online piracy graphic courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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