Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Searching for a Poet Laureate

Arts CommissionCoinciding with National Poetry Month, the City of Santa Fe is searching for its next Poet Laureate.

The Santa Fe Arts Commission Poet Laureate program, established in 2005, strives to promote a meaningful poetic presence as part of the diverse cultural fabric of the city. This is an honorary position given to a person who has established a presence in the world of poetry, has demonstrated a commitment to and passion for poetry, and embraces the opportunity to engage in civic discourse.

Arthur Sze was the city's first Poet Laureate, serving from 2006-2008. The new Poet Laureate will succeed poet Valerie Martínez, who has served as the city's public voice since 2008.


The Poet Laureate will make four appearances per year at City-sponsored events as determined by the Arts Commission. The Poet Laureate must be over 21 years of age and a resident of Santa Fe County for at least two years, or have been employed in Santa Fe County for at least two years, with a deep involvement in and commitment to the community. The Poet Laureate will serve two years based on the city's calendar year.

Nominations are due Monday, May 10. Additional information and application forms are on the Santa Fe Arts Commission web site, or contact the Arts Commission at (505) 955-6707 and artscommission@santafenm.gov.

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