Friday, April 09, 2010

The Dark Side of Peeps

Peeps SushiWith our recent foray into the world of Peeps, we've gotten all sorts of responses from our patrons. Some have even delivered care packages of spooky Halloween Peeps, Peep decorating kits, and, my favorite, a Peep notebook and matching Peep pen. We've been wondering, however, if something so sweet and cute might not have a dark side.

We did a thorough and exhausting literature search, and came up with the following:
  • A ground-breaking experiment measuring Fear Response in Peeps. While the methodology possibly exposes the dark side of humanity rather than that of Peeps, it is definitely worth reading.

  • A fight to the death among different tribes of Peeps, using Jousting. A highlight: "In every single battle the losing Peep simply inflated faster and impaled itself on the winner's toothpick." Evil, or just hapless bad luck?

  • The Ultimate in Peep Horror: Evil Peeps cause a man's demise in a video straight out of Poe.

If these images are just too shocking, too horrific for you, you can always dispose of your leftover peeps in a more productive fashion, by making Peeps Sushi. Enjoy!

Thanks to all the patrons and readers who sent us links!

Image courtesy of Make.

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