Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Santa Fe River Prescription Trail
Sorry, I lied.

The City of Santa Fe has put out some great resources if you don't want your leisurely walk to be wild and woolly. Prescription Trails is a series of guides that chart out walk- and wheelchair-friendly routes throughout the city.

The information is similar to hiking trail guides, with an overview of the route, mileage, trail surface, and attractions. All the guides are arranged by Zip Code and available in either jpg or PDF-printable formats.

A quick scan through a bunch of trails showed that they were under a mile, and many were at Difficulty grades 1 and 2. So even if this winter hits us hard, it should still be possible for all of us to take a little stroll around our city. Just make sure to bundle up before you go.

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