Tuesday, October 27, 2009

‘Little Japan’ at Warehouse 21

Little JapanSaturday, November 7
6:00 pm

A cultural exchange with our Sister City in Tsuyama, Japan.

In honor of our relationship with Tsuyama, Japan, Warehouse 21 will be hosting a Tsuyama Robot (Robotcon) Project, a special COOLaboration with Monte del Sol Charter School, Santa Fe 400th Anniversary, City of Santa Fe Sister Cities, Santa Fe Japan Connection, Inc. and our Sister City, Tsuyama, Japan.

Japan-related activities begin Saturday at 5pm, and there will be a robot competition that will take place at 6pm. This is an exciting opportunity for students here in Santa Fe to operate a robot remotely for the kick-off of the competition in Tsuyama, which takes place on Sunday morning, their time. Smokin’ Bachi Taiko Drum Group will help events begin, too.

Other Japan-related activities include: Japanese food such as sushi and tea, Pocky (chocolate-covered biscuit treats), Ramune (carbonated drink) and can coffee (cold or hot); a table for origami in New Mexico colors to take to Hiroshima next May; tables from various local groups with kawaii mono (cute things) and other items such as bento boxes, chopsticks, phone charms, and key chains for sale.

Monte del Sol students will make a movie/slide show of Japan and Tsuyama that will be projected, and will feature Japanese music (J-pop and hip-hop). Warehouse 21 will help kids to make t-shirts for the event. After the robot competition, Warehouse 21will have at least one computer dedicated to an open Skype connection, so people from Japan could sit and talk with people in Santa Fe.

Tsuyama will have its own Santa Fe booth and participants at the competition in Tsuyama will be able to see and play shodo (calligraphy) robot, and communicate through Skype to any participants here in Santa Fe.

This event is dedicated to Julian Martinez, who was an avid admirer of the Japanese culture.

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