Monday, October 12, 2009

Asynchronous Answers

A Word a DayOne of the drawbacks to working in a library is that it's impossible to follow every lead for new facts and information. Recently, someone at the library mentioned to me that there was a specific term for things cut out of books, but he or she couldn't remember what the word was. I guessed that the only possible word could be catastrophe, but no, that wasn't the term the person was looking for.

It wasn't a reference question, just a comment made in passing, but it's been lingering in the back of my mind. This morning, thanks to the wonders of email, my curiosity is satiated.

Today's word on A.Word.A.Day is grangerize, which is:

1. To mutilate a book by clipping pictures out of it.
2. To illustrate a book by adding pictures cut from other books.
The etymology of the word is rather charming, and has nothing to do with Hermione Granger, who surely would've had the same initial reaction that I did.

Thanks A.Word.A.Day, for solving yet another riddle!

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Alissa said...

Interesting! I like how it has both a negative and a productive definition (book art is the only good time to be cutting books!).