Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Where's My Money?

Unless you've been living in a cave (and I don't deny that is occasionally a highly preferable state of existence, at least in the summer months), you've been following the soap opera of drama in D.C. which is the stimulus package. And if you're like me, you're saying to yourself: exactly how much of my particular tax dollars are going to bonuses for bank execs, and how much is going to, say, repaving roads in Alabama? If you are really like me, you are also wondering: so where did all that money go from that first package, and what's our guarantee that this new package won't go to line some Wall Street gent's offshore account or gas up the latest luxury jet? (I also tend to wonder if there are cameras in elevators, but I digress.)

This site won't tell you where your particular money is going, but it will hopefully tell us all, eventually, where that stimulus package money is going and who is accountable. Yay for responsibility!

Check it after the Stimulus Wars have subsided and see what the clearing dust reveals.

by AA @ Main

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