Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Food: a topic of continual interest

Huevos Yucatecos I was trying to find out the hours for a certain restaurant here in Santa Fe, (which is hard, lots of web sites don’t list hours) and I stumbled on Gil’s Thrilling (and Filling) Blog, which reviews restaurants in New Mexico. Gil does extensive reviews of many of the restaurants here in Santa Fe, and has color photos of dishes on the menu, even of the chips and salsa served. For example take a look at the Huevos Yucatecos on the Tecolote Café review. He does a good job on the Bobcat Bite too.

The blog should come in handy for library patrons and visitors if they want to learn more about a particular place in Santa Fe. Gil also covers Albuquerque and other eateries in New Mexico. He even has a review of a Brazilian restaurant in Albuquerque, and I didn’t know there was one. In addition to reviews and photos, he has links to restaurant indexes for Albuquerque, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the US.

Be careful though, looking at all the dishes here will get you hungry after a while.

by JP @ SS

Photo by Gil Garduño - used with permission

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