Monday, November 17, 2008

It’s Only an Hour’s Drive to Las Vegas, right?

Insiders Guide to Santa FeWhile shopping last week, I encountered a British couple trying to decipher American products at the grocery store. I casually said, “No Marks and Spencers here, unfortunately.” ( I was referring to the equivalent of Smiths in England.) I led them to heavy whipping cream for their tea and talked “good bread.” They were shocked by the low temperatures, but then they can purchase coats.

But it was the last two questions that I was presented with that told me they did not have a good travel agent.
“Is it true that Las Vegas is only an hour away? We want to see Vegas.” I explained the differences in NM and NV; I hope they were okay with info on local casinos.
“And isn’t there a hopper plane here that we can book to fly over the Grand Canyon?” Now that was tougher.

I did give them good directions to the Main Library where we have maps, trained staff and free internet computers. Helping the tourists is all part of the job here. For some of the staff it is the most rewarding part of a reference shift, being goodwill ambassadors to the world.

by PCH @ Main

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