Monday, November 24, 2008

Furry (and other) Critters

Pets in AmericaAccording to the Pet Food Institute, pet ownership is on the rise. Despite the expense of pets, many people are falling for and bringing home that cute puppy, kitten, bird or fish. As the weather has gotten colder, it's become more common to see someone with a young puppy snoozing on his or her lap in social and even work situations. Even the most powerful man on earth is shopping for a puppy. While we won't go so far to say that this is a trend, there's definitely something pet-loving in the air.

If you're considering a new critter in your household, a great place to start is the Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society. They have regular adoptions around the city, low-cost spay/neuter clinics, and training and behavior classes. If you're strictly of the feline persuasion, Felines and Friends looks for both adoptive and foster cat lovers. Also spread the word to friends, family and coworkers; they might know of a new litter or rescued animals.

Adopting PetsOnce you've taken the plunge, the Library can help you learn to live together with books about different breeds, and care, feeding and behavior of your new pet. If you still can't get a pet due to allergies, long hours, expenses and other reasons, you can always enjoy them vicariously through a puppy cam or kitty cam.

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