Monday, September 29, 2008

Marking Time

No, it is not the New Year 2009 yet, and not even Halloween. But it is calendar month! Those of us who love nice paper, gilt-edged pages and leather covers know to hit the ground running when local paper shops announce “The 2009 Calendars are in.” Only if you dash to the stores can you get the special calendars you want.

Calendars are so personal. The size. The color. The pages themselves. A few years ago I was in a job where everyone was required to keep their work calendar on line; others could check for times available for meetings right from your calendar. I of course complied, but kept my paper calendar also. And you can guess who saved the day more than once when our network went down and no online calendar was available, it was my gorgeous, gilt-edged, leather-covered calendar.

Calendar: humanity's epic struggle to determine a true and accurate year And by now my 2008 calendar is a little worse for wear—coffee stains on the front, frayed ribbon between the pages and perhaps the start of a crack in the spine. And it is filled through 2009 with events, programs and deadlines. It is time to start off the new year and the new calendar. The only thing that gives me pause, is that at the end of my 2009 calendar are two weeks of calendar days for 2010 to start off that year. I am not ready for that, 2009 is just far enough.

by PCH @ Main

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