Wednesday, September 03, 2008

La Farge Update

Covered Books La Farge Branch Library will reopen to the public on Monday, September 22.

It was planned that the branch would reopen earlier, however, finding energy efficient light fixtures delayed the project. This process has delayed the opening of the Branch Library until September 22, however, this is the best opportunity to ensure a more energy efficient building for our community.

The City of Santa Fe is making every effort to implement energy efficiency in its buildings. An expert was hired by the City of Santa Fe this year and this Planning and Energy Specialist recommended new energy efficient light fixtures for the La Farge Branch Library. The architect searched for light fixtures which are both energy efficient and appropriate for the Library. They are now being installed at the Branch Library while it is undergoing renovation. Additional funding was received from the Housing and Community Development Department. They will monitor the energy usage in the Library after the installation.

In addition to new lighting, the La Farge Branch has a new air conditioning and heating system, new ceiling tiles, WiFi, public address system and safety issues have been addressed. The La Farge branch is 30 years old.

photo by Mark Kane

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