Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Special Guest

Big Poplar Sphinx Moth This morning an unusual guest was waiting at the door for Southside to open. We’re guessing it heard about the Summer Reading Program, Catch the Reading Bug!

With thousands of species of Lepidoptera here in the Southwest, identification was tricky but our Reference Librarian was up to the task! Using the website: Butterflies and Moths of North America, she determined that our visitor is a Big Poplar Sphinx Moth. It’s a very large moth with a wingspan of about 5.5 inches! (The rosy parts are hidden under the top wings when the moth is at rest.)

It’s not too late for kids from birth to 12 to sign up for our Catch the Reading Bug Summer incentive program and win prizes for their reading. A very astute 4 year old said to us recently, “But I thought that reading the books was the prize.” We LOVE hearing that! In case your little ones aren’t quite to that stage yet, bring them by your local branch to register so they’ll want to keep reading all summer long!

Photo and story by LW

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