Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hear the River

The Southside Library’s selected the theme of “Word Flow,” with the underlying concept that people meet where there are words or water.

This past week the Santa Fe River was running again. Not a river like the Rio Grande or even the Kalamazoo River in Michigan, but a full steady stream could be heard and seen. This reminded me of the Word Flow concept. On Saturday a fishing day was held for kids and all along the banks of the Santa Fe River downtown were families, chatting, fishing and just enjoying the water. The Mayor and a City Councilor came to take part, but for most people it was the draw of the water, and talking to neighbors old and new that brought them to the river.

Mayor David Coss sizes up the young fisherman's catchWhat fun to hear the kids’ excitement and see them playing and working with their grandparents or parents to bait and catch fish. Some fish were tagged for prizes, but that was not the main draw. That was the water and the joys of fishing. The pride of the kids with their catches is evident.

Congratulations to the Water Department, the Santa Fe Watershed Association and the local businesses for a great event. Only one thing was missing. Where was the fish fry?

Written by PCH at Main. Photos by PCH.

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