Friday, June 06, 2008


D-DayToday is D-Day, known to generations as the day the Allies invaded France in WWII. Two of the landing points on the beaches of Normandy were given the most American of names, Utah and Omaha, forever linking them in the minds of the world to this momentous day.

I asked my brother who served in WWII where he was on D-Day. He replied, “We heard the news while we were in the Coliseum after having just liberated Rome.”
The cheers from the troops echoed where gladiators and been cheered before. “It was quite a journey for a teenage farm boy from Michigan,” he quietly shared.

There are not many veterans left from WWII, but New Mexico played a key role in both the European and Pacific fronts. Join me in thanking a veteran today. Ask him where he was on D-Day.

by PCH

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