Thursday, October 18, 2007

Young readers and writers!

Are you in grades 4 through 12? The Library of Congress is sponsoring a competition for you to show off your tastes and writing abilities. The topic is: Authors who have touched your lives in a personal way. You must write a letter to any author explaining how their writing has changed your life or changed the way you view the world.

Winners at the state level will win a $50.00 gift certificate to Target, and national winners will receive a $500.00 gift certificate and a Reading Promotion Grant of $10,000 for your school or public library (wouldn’t that be nice!).

The promotion applies to young readers in grades 4-12. The Deadline for entries is Dec. 14, 2007. To obtain the required entry coupon and a copy of the “how to enter” guidelines, young readers can contact the national program director at or visit the L.A.L. webpage at the Library of Congress:

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