Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Library a Buzz with Spelling Bee

Can you spell better than a 5th Grader?

38 contestants competed for top spelling honors at the Santa Fe Public Library last weekend. The number almost doubled the number of entrants in 2006. Volunteers and staff of Qforma organized the popular event and raised $880 for the Santa Fe Public Library. Sven Redsun of Qforma organized the event and presented a check from Qforma for $500, as their donation to library programs. Mr. Redsun was a three time winner of the Spelling Bee.

It took 31 correctly spelled words to just reach the sudden death round. The words aorist, zabaglione, tmesis and nacreous helped narrow the field. What I love about this event is that it is written—no standing until asked to sit down in full humiliation. I was a great speller—which has deteriorated over the years and my lack of dictionary use has been aided and abetted by spell check on this very computer. But my bragging rights include only misspelling one word in all of fourth grade through sixth grade spelling bees at Galesburg Elementary school—I will never forget how to spell calvary and cavalry. So close, so close.

The Spelling Bee 2007 prize winners were first place winner Dorothea Migliori, Santa Fe, who quipped, “With a name like that, I had to become a good speller." Other top winners were: second place Daria Labinsky, Corrales; third place Diana Thatcher, Santa Fe. In addition, runners up included Linda Churchill, Tesuque; Elizabeth Lea, Saul Cohen, Marie White and Jack Huberman, all of Santa Fe.

Local businesses generously providing prizes included Qforma, Los Alamos National Bank, Collected Works, Travel Bug, Video Library and Java Joe’s.

I wonder how a fifth grader would have done…

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