Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I guess it’s time to pack away the summer sporting gear for the year. I just couldn’t do it, though, without taking one more weekend trip. This time we’re going south to Elephant Butte with hopes that it’s still warm enough down there to swim outside. We’ll take the kayaks, a couple of good books, and the dog, of course. He likes to ride along in the boat.

Speaking of the dog, he was so excited this morning when he saw me putting on my favorite camping clothes and hiking boots, only to be told he had to stay at home. This time I was dressing for the Preschool Story Time at Southside Branch. We played in the tent, sang camp songs, went on a bear hunt, made a craft, and of course read some stories. FUN! Preschool Story time is ongoing at all three branches: Southside: Wednesdays at 10:30. LaFarge: 10:30 Tuesdays and Main: 10:30 Fridays.

I hope you can get out this weekend too. In case you can’t, I’ll eat a s’more for you!

by LW@SS

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