Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Harry Potter, Harry Potter

Librarian friends are the best. When I heard Great Britain was issuing Harry Potter stamps—seven total, one featuring each book cover, who could resist ordering. My former BBC librarian friend did the legwork, ordered the stamps and sent them off to the Library here.

My idea was to order some stamps to use them for drawing prizes for this summer’s reading program—the Library gave away a copy of the new book at each branch for their Harry Potter Day parties. Well, the Brit Postal service was a bit behind on orders—sound familiar Santa Feans?—so we just received the stamps and first day covers. Actually not bad considering they first appeared on July 21 and first day covers are sold out!

I am not a stamp collector, but these are brilliant and are marked first edition. Better than a Harry Potter doll. And the Brit title for the first book is listed Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Who ever deemed that American kids could not figure out what a windscreen or boot or going on holiday meant was really daft, to quote my Brit friend.

Later this Fall the children’s departments at all three branches will raffle off a set to readers. May the force be with you—oh, that is my era, not Harry Potter.

By PCH at Main

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