Monday, September 17, 2007

Bio Feedback

While browsing in our biography section one day some interesting thoughts came to mind. We shelve the books alphabetically by the subject’s last name and some interesting juxtapositions come about as a result. For example: John the Baptist has a slew of Pope John’s on one side of him, but on the other he’s up next to Elton John, the musician. Charles Addams, macabre cartoonist, creator of the Addams Family is next to his distant cousin Jane Addams, Noble Prize winning founder of the Settlement House Movement, but on the other side he resides next to the other Adams family—John, John Quincy and Abigail.

While pondering these strange pairings I came up with this thought, strange as it may be—what if at night, late in the dark when the library is closed and quiet,these books came to life and had conversations with their neighboring books? What would George and Ira Gershwin have to talk about with Apache warrior Geronimo? Would Larry King interview Martin Luther King, while Stephen, the horror novelist, listened? It’s something to think about. And I leave you with this thought—if you were the subject of a biography, who would you be next to on our shelves?

By KS at LF reference+

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