Saturday, March 24, 2007

Yes Yes Yes, Southside Is Open Open Open

   We got some nice coverage of Southside Library in both the New Mexican and the Albuquerque Journal (not available online, alas) today. The New Mexican story has pictures of the ribbon-cutting, and of Santa Fe's poet laureate, Arthur Sze, reading his poem. Friday's New Mexican had an article about the architecture of the building in the Pasatiempo (also not online).

We put together a web page of photos from yesterday's opening ceremony. It begins with some you saw on the blog yesterday, and moves on through the event. There were many speeches. People were very moved by our beautiful library, and each speaker thanked lots of other people for their role in helping it happen.    It was just about the warmest and most cheerful 'official' occasion you have ever seen. Even the people who were there to check out one particular book or DVD waited happily and patiently until the formalities were over, applauding and smiling, until they could get into the stacks.

Today, Saturday, there were lots of events for children: storytellers and crafts and performances and stiltwalkers and lots more. It was very Very very busy, lots of people. (As you can see, the ceilings are plenty high enough for stiltwakers.)

The full run of construction photos chronicling the construction of the library will remain available from the Southside Library page for a while, but not forever. It's already old news.

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