Saturday, March 17, 2007

'Recycling At Its Best'

The next Friends of the Library Booksale will be April 14th and 15th, but donated books come pouring in all the time. What turns up in the sale has already been carefully combed through for what the library might need. We get many added copies of titles we already own in one branch or another, and happily add them in to the collection. But we also get a steady flow of titles we don't already have, which are sent to be put in the catalog.

This week there were a lot of the latter. Since handful of books to be catalogedthey are not in the catalog yet, we can't give you either catalog links or cover images—and unfortunately you can't place holds until they get into the catalog, either. We popped a few of them on the scanner to make a little virtual bookshelf. In addition to those you can see over to the right, we were given all kinds of juicy things: new mysteries by Jimmie Ruth Evans, Best Served Cold & Beverly Connor, Dead Past ; 50+ Great Bathrooms by Architects ; Time-Life, Complete Garden Guide: A Comprehensive Reference for All Your Garden Needs ; Nathan Goldstein, Figure Drawing: The Structure, Anatomy, and Expressive Design of Human Form ; Lynne Garner, The Complete Book of Papercraft: Over 50 Designs for Handmade Paper, Cards, Gift-wrapping, Decoupage, and Manipulating Paper ; Bombay Time, a 2001 novel by Thrity Umrigar ; a book of Mark Strand's poetry that we hadn't had before, Reasons for Moving, Darker, and the Sargentville Notebook: Poems. And many more.

The title of this post comes from a chapter about used bookstores in bookseller/booklover Lewis Buzbee's memoir, The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop : A memoir, a history.

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