Saturday, March 10, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

This week's shipment to Southside Library was the boxes of materials which have been being processed in the Technical Services Department in the basement of the Main Library. Media materials, donated items, local purchases, special orders, etc., have been accumulating under the lightwell on the Nusbaum Alley side of Main for the past year.
Wednesday the boxes were hauled to Southside, and by Thursday Southside was buzzing with activity; unpacking, checking in, shelving, phones ringing, work on the grounds, the architects guys with unrolled plans,

and meanwhile artists were at work in the front entry and in the children's room...

PS. We realize that this blog has been taken over by Southside Library news. It's a little hard to think about very much else right now. We'll return to something more like our regular programming after the 23rd of March...

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