Friday, July 14, 2017

Jess Checks Y.A. Books and Graphic Novels, Book Talk: Husky by Justin Sayre

Husky By Justin Sayre

Davis is an incredibly sensitive 12 year old boy, he has a great passion for opera music, loves helping his Mother in her bakery, and is dealing with some self-esteem issues this particular summer. He isn’t comfortable living in his “husky” body. It’s the summer before 8th grade and a number of small occurrences are causing major changes in Davis’ life. His Mom starts dating someone new after a very long time of not dating anyone at all after the death of Davis’ Dad. His closest friends are female and finding themselves, maturing and starting to “like” like boys and getting make-overs.  Davis isn’t invited to his best friend’s “just for girls” party, and he goes through  a lot of emotions and hurt, searching for the words to describe how he is feeling about all of this change.

This is not a coming out book, not in the sense of sexuality, however, Davis may not be fully aware, but he is gay. His sexual orientation is just a part of the larger concept of finding himself through this transnational time before 8th grade.

Characters and scenes are well written and flow seamlessly. Sayre has crafted a book that represents perfectly some of the trials children and young people face as they mature and find who they are in the world and to their selves. The book is not very plot driven, but will no doubt pull at the heartstrings as you relate to those feelings of being unsure of yourself in the world.

Husky is the author Justin Sayre’s first novel. Sayre is a writer for major television comedies and the stage. He is a performer and comedian, described by the Village Voice as “Oscar Wilde meets Whoopi Goldberg.” He was named as one the Funniest People in Brooklyn by Brooklyn Magazine and called one of LA’s 16 Most Talented LGBT Comics by Frontiers Magazine.

Recognition for Husky: Deemed “a superb addition to the middle grade literary cannon” by VOYA Magazine and called “[a] moving journey of self-discovery . . .” by Publishers Weekly.

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