Monday, July 24, 2017

Jess Checks Y.A. Book Talk: Giant Days Vol. 1

Giant Days

Vol. 1

Created and Written By John Allison

Main Artist – Lissa Treiman

Giant Days dives into the lives of three very unique young women who have become very close since being placed as neighbors during their first years of college. As Freshman year of college usually goes, it is full of fun as well as drama.  Readers will enjoy the eccentric characters the graphic novel follows.

Daisy is a little sheltered but ready to try new things with the guidance and help from her new friends, even though she desperately misses home and her Granny. Esther is edgy and outgoing and without her consent dubbed “third hottest Freshman” by some gross boys at school. Susan is a bold feminist with a hot temper and a sassy fem zine. Join this charming trio as they begin their new lives at University.
Image Source:
Allison, John. Giant Days Vol.1. Los Angeles, CA. BOOM! Box (December, 2015). Print. ISBN: 978-1608867899. Paperback. $6.46.

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Awards: Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards Nominee for Best Continuing Series & Best Writer (for John Allison) (2016)

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Bram said...

Giant Days is consistently one of the funniest comics being produced right now; its main competition for that title is Bad Machinery, written — and drawn — by John Allison.