Thursday, May 12, 2016

Library Value Calculator

Libraries are a great value to our communities, and you can visit the American Library Association’s Library Value Calculator to find out how much your Santa Fe Public Library card is saving you and your family per year! A local father input their library usage and found that our library saved his wife, 2-year-old son, and himself a total of $2951.40! His family regularly checks out children’s and adult books, graphic novels, eBooks, DVDs, CDs, and attends Children’s programs at the library. A local retired professor that regularly uses Inter-Library Loan, borrows opera CDs and movies plus checks out books, found that his savings were $4,603.00. 

Santa Fe Public Library spends $44.15 per city resident for library services. Library funding comes from the City budget from Gross Receipt Taxes and ½ percent CIP for the three libraries.

According to the American Library Association, “Libraries are among the most effective of all public services, serving more than 2/3 of the public with less than 2 percent of all tax dollars. Public libraries are a bargain”.

Visit the website today to find out what a great value the Santa Fe Public Library is and support your local library!

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