Friday, May 25, 2012

Whitewater Baldy Complex fires

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I know our friends around the country like to know how we are faring in Santa Fe. Yesterday and today the smoke from the Gila Wilderness has come north to give us hazy days and smoke to breathe. A lightning bolt started the fire which last night was listed as 70,000 acres burned and zero, yes, zero contained. has good coverage of all fires in the US. 

This announcement came out today from the City:
Santa Fe, NM – May 25, 2012 – The smoke from the Whitewater Baldy Complex fires in the Gila Wilderness will continue to move into the Santa Fe and surrounding areas throughout the weekend. Avoiding exposure to the smoke will help to reduce its effects including limiting outdoor activities, closing windows and doors, and avoiding the use of swamp coolers. With limited exposure, symptoms such as mild throat and eye irritation or allergy-like symptoms are to be expected. While its effects on most citizens are expected to be minor, those with concerns should seek information or medical attention as they would in normal circumstances.
Also persons who have pre-existing medical conditions related to the heart or lungs are urged to be diligent in minimizing their exposure to the smoke-filled air. For more information contact Erik Litzenberg at 955-3111 or call the New Mexico Department of Health, 476-2600.

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