Friday, July 01, 2011

Trail Closures & More

From the City of Santa Fe Fire Chief:

Trial closures are being implemented by the City of Santa Fe, Santa Fe County and the Forest Service due to the ongoing wildland fires surrounding the City. These fires are posing significant risk to the public and are limiting availability of resources.

The following City trails will be closed immediately until further notice:
Dale Ball Trail
Nature Conservancy Trail
Dorothy Stewart Trail
Atalaya Trail

The following County trails will be closed immediately until further notice:
Rio En Medio Open Space
Little Tesuque Creek Open Space
Lamy Park
Dale Ball Trail at Talaya Hill Open Space

The following Forest Service trails will be closed immediately until further notice:
TR 183 (Chamisa Trail head)
TR 254 (Winsor Trail head)
TR 163 (Rio en Medio Trail head)
TR 160 (Rio Nambe Trail head)
TR 154 (Rio Frijoles Trail head)
TR 150 (Borrego Trail head)
TR 155 (Rio Medio Trail bead)
TR 153 (Dome Trail head)
TR 257 (Jacks Creek Trail head)
TR 288 (Panchuela Trail head)
TR 254 (Cowles Trail head)
TR 283 (Holy Ghost Trail head)

Additionally, in order to preserve lives and property during these emergency conditions, the City of Santa Fe Fire Department prohibited the following activities in April and they will remain in place until further notice:

  • All open burning, including camp fires, bonfires, pit barbecues, and the burning of weeds, trash, or other vegetation.

  • The use of charcoal barbecue grills in public parks and recreation areas.

  • Smoking in public parks, recreation areas, or on any public trail.

  • The use of any motorized ATV’s or motorcycles on City owned open space, parks, trails, or other recreational areas.

Penalties for violating these restrictions may include fines up to $500 and/or up to 90 days in jail as specified in SFCC 1-3.1(A).

Charcoal barbecuing at home will be permitted providing the fire is closely monitored and fire-extinguishing equipment, such as a garden hose or fire extinguisher, is readily available. Currently, all burn permit requests are being rejected until weather conditions improve and the fire danger has been reduced significantly.

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Weekend!

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