Friday, August 07, 2009

Too Strange Not to Share

In the wild wacky world of the interwebs, sometimes things cross your screen that are just too unusual not to pass on. Even if the item or link is not something that you are personally interested or invested in, there's just this compulsion to pay the weirdness forward.

BaconCamp logoWith that, I would like to present: BaconCamp. Different cities in the US and Canada are hosting their own forays into the world of Bacon, including presentations, discussions, and demos about, well, Bacon. I'm guessing that Bacon preparation and consumption is a given at these events.

I will most likely not be attending BaconCamp this year, although I am curious if they'd allow fans of VeggieBacon to present their side. I feel that my stint at Bagpipe Camp, which most people react to like a postcard from Mars (although one odd soul became droolingly jealous), is enough niche summer gathering for a lifetime. However, if any of you do attend BaconCamp or another unusual camp or festival, we'd love to hear from you.

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