Monday, August 17, 2009

An Interesting History Chapter

The Pueblo RevoltI finally braved the crowds last Sunday to check out the New Mexico History Museum. Having dipped into many aspects of our state's history over the years, including visits to other museums such as the Lincoln County Courthouse, it was interesting to absorb such a large amount of history in such a short time.

Coincidentally, a friend reminded me that during August 10-21 in 1680, the Pueblo Revolt occured in Northern New Mexico and Santa Fe was under siege. While it's still a contentious subject in the state, it seemed that the History Museum went to great lengths to present all sides. While librarians are not historians, we are also bound to impartiality and balance in our research, and a need to present all sides of an issue. We have quite a few books on the topic, as well as some links on our Local History page.

The State Historian of New Mexico has posted several articles concerning the Revolt: Diaspora from Northern New Mexico, Pueblo Revolt, and Pueblo Runners and the Pueblo Revolt. PBS offers a primary document from that time, and Native Peoples Magazine provides a modern-day perspective. So read through a few, and become an amateur historian about this interesting event in New Mexico's history.

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